since 1898

The Columbia Foundation Log C-01.png

On  September 29th, 1898, a group of nine men gathered to form the Columbia Golf Club.  Their mission was to promote "educational, literacy and scientific purposes; social activities and mutual improvements; and to support athletic exercise, outdoor sport and amusement."  In 1998, Columbia Country Club joined an elite group of clubs that have passed the century mark.  The Club continues to thrive with one hope:  that the friendship, fellowship, rapport and genuine camraderie of our members continues to develop and that we will treasure that which has become the "Spirit of Columbia"

excerpt from "Columbia Country Club: 100 Years of Spirited History 1898-1998" and the Letter From the Centennial Committee:  William K. Gerrish, Chairman, Beth S. Carpenter, Donald N. Carpenter, John J. Darby, Jr. Geoffrey J. Gonella, Carl C. MacCartee, Jr., Joan MacCartee, Robert P. Moltz, Barry B. Wright.